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Hi Roxbury! 

Did you know that on Tuesday, November 5th from 6am to 8pm there is an election taking place at Town Hall? In the election I will be running for one of the two open seats for Planning Commission-Alternate. I recognize that many of you may not know me so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about myself, and why I believe I am qualified for the position.

Like many of you I was not born in Roxbury. I was born to an Italian-American family in Bridgeport, CT. When I was a child my aunt Rose DeGruttola lived far away in the country (Southbury Road, in Roxbury) and from time to time I would be sent off to stay with her and my cousins. As a child Roxbury was a magical place. We turned trees into forts and piles of rocks became castles. Add a ball, bat and Aunt Rose's fresh baked cookies and we had everything we needed for a fun filled summer. Every time I returned to Roxbury I felt a peace and tranquility that I wished I could bottle and take with me. After leaving I would long for my next visit (and for those who knew Rose and her cookies could you blame me?).

Fast-forward to 2012 and I finally had enough of I-95 traffic, big city politics and all the noise that goes with both. I headed to that place where I knew I would find peace and calm. Since being here I have met some of the most amazing people and I have coined the term "I want to die in Roxbury". Please don't read that wrong. I'm hoping that doesn't come for a long, long time. Rather, the meaning is that there is nowhere I would rather live. Over the last seven years I have worked to root myself in the community. You may have seen me at a Pop-Up Pub, volunteering at the Christmas Bizarre, teaching CCD at Shepaug or at the POCD meetings. About a year ago I reached out to Barbara Henry and asked, what can I do for Roxbury? We spoke a bit and just a few months ago that conversation turned into representing our little town of Roxbury to the Connecticut Board of Tourism.  

Wanting to be more involved I answered the call to attend all of the POCD (Plan of Conservation and Development) meetings. If you were at that first meeting you might remember me. I was overdressed having come straight from work and I tried my best to break down some of the tensions that can occur when discussing new topics by introducing a bit of humor. My goal then and now is to figure out a plan that involves more conversation, less argument and helps us develop actionable steps that put Roxbury and its residents first. 

So why Lorenzo? First off, I'm not a bad guy. I think that is important. I like to use my skill-set to help others. This ranges from teaching classes on financial literacy to helping entrepreneurs take an idea and turn it into a business plan. It also includes never being afraid to roll my sleeves up and lending a hand in the kitchen. Most of all I like working with people.

Professionally I’ve been advising clients in the financial services industry for over 20 years. A graduate of Fairfield University and a Certified Financial Planner™Professional, I build wealth management strategies designed for busy business owners and families. Working together with my clients, these plans are designed to protect, grow and transition wealth in a tax-efficient manner. This is accomplished through a defined and disciplined process that begins with the client's goals and what is most important to them. 

The skills I have developed in my professional career have direct correlation to the needs of the Planning Commission. This includes listening to the needs and wants of the residents of our town. Pulling apart this information into manageable problem sets and then looking for solutions. But it doesn’t end there. Once a satisfactory plan is established it needs to be put into action, monitored and when necessary, modified to deal with unexpected changes. This is something I know how to do well and it is a way that I can give back to Roxbury.

Fun facts:

My hobbies include cooking, gardening, wine tasting, public speaking and traveling. I sit on the Alumni Board for the PA Omicron Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, I’m a graduate of BRBC's Leadership Greater Bridgeport, and I am a Past President of Bethel Toastmasters. I am a Justice of the Peace and the representative from Roxbury to the Board of Connecticut Tourism. I am active member of King Solomon Lodge No.7in Woodbury, CT, St Elmo’s Commandery No.9 in Meriden, CT and the Lafayette Consistory in Stratford, CT.

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